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02 Mar 2011

Painfully Cheap Drinks at Lady Jay’s Tonight

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! You could celebrate by eating green eggs and ham, wearing one of those god awful Cat in the Hat hats or painting a giant star upon your belly. Or you could go to Lady Jay’s for their crazy happy hour specials, that may or may not

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28 Feb 2011

Gravid Water: Part Improv, Part Play, All Awesome

Gravid Water is the theatrical equivalent of letting one side of a debate prepare statements, and not telling the other side what the debate topic is. But instead of being an unfair trainwreck, it’s one of the best nights at UCB Theatre. Gravid Water is a monthly show where an

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23 Feb 2011

FREE Laura Palmer Prom

So even if you’ve never seen an episode of a Twin Peaks, chances are you support the shows major themes. After all, who doesn’t love copious amounts of donut and cherry pie eating, teenage melodrama, big ass trees and pondering the unsolved murder of a teenage girl? An who doesn’t

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21 Feb 2011

FREE Screening of Godfather I and II

Topping the list of things I’d never like to find in my bed: Carrot Top, a fragile glass test tube containing plague bacteria and anything dead or decapitated. But old school beauty parlor chair would be my first choice of chair to sit in while watching someone else awake to

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18 Feb 2011

Whiskey Cheaper Than Beer at Nancy’s

I don’t know who Nancy is, but I like her style. Nancy’s Whiskey Pub is one of the few, if not only, dive bars in the Soho/Tribeca area. (Their Web site even reminds you that they’ve been there since before it was “Tribeca.” While most places nearby have fancy fruit-oil-infused

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17 Feb 2011

FREE Improv All Night at the PIT

The PIT recently became a trend setter. They moved their theater out of the improv district to the east side. Their new space is huge–not only is the theater itself huge, but their waiting room is now a spacious, full size bar. And even more exciting, there are six FREE

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14 Feb 2011

FREE Phil Collins Day Parade

After a lot of thought and some research into interesting things that happened on February 15th (like Canada adopting the maple leaf flag), I realized that I’m writing about something too absurd to try and be clever in my introduction. Instead, I’m just going to tell you that tomorrow is

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