New York

04 Mar 2009

Wine and No-Dine with a co-writer of The Wire

Second book event in a row, but don’t get used to it. I just couldn’t ignore this because The Wire is the best marathon show of all time. Before, it was 24. American’s Next Top’model, designer, whatever, doesn’t even come close and Road Rules was arguably the worst show on

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03 Mar 2009

Bone up on Slang with Danny Cassidy

Tonight at 6:30 there is a free gathering at Lolita (266 Broome @ Allen) with Irish music and readings from the works of Danny Cassidy. Cassidy was, among other things, a lover of slang and etymology and a lot of his work strives to show the influence the Irish and

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02 Mar 2009

Get Drunk at Lunch Cheaper

  The three-martini lunch used to be a staple of any Ad man or business tycoon worth a damn.  Then, in 1976, Jimmy Carter tried to bring the smack down.  He didn’t succeed entirely, but the trend of meandering, expensed, business lunches dwindled. There was a brief revival during the

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27 Feb 2009

Long Distance Drinking & Extended Happy Hours

    For the past few weeks Stuart has been defending San Francisco’s Bay To Breakers, a 12k costumed, bipedal shit show, race-ish thingy celebrating freedom of expression and consumption.  So when I saw a list-ette of marathon happy hours in this week’s Time Out New York (TONY) I figured I

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26 Feb 2009

Open House with FREE drinks and food samples…in Yonkers?

  Let me just say I could never live in Yonkers because just saying the name makes me think of the Phillies’ mascot Phanatic. However, despite my thoughts, fresh units in a new urban living space 66Main are being pushed at a ‘œFabulously Frugal’ Open House on March 4th.  I’m sure these

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24 Feb 2009

Dooley’s Open Bar @ Aspen Tonight!

  I’m sitting at the computer in my sleeping bag today and it’s not even that cold. This apartment is like a walk-in with furniture; some sick chef’s pet Truman Show.  Feel anything like Fat Tuesday, like I even know what it’s about. I equate it with Girls Gone Wild

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22 Feb 2009

Free Condoms: Next stop, Tunatown – formerly serviced by Skinboat.

  Here is a recession tip: Stop buying condoms, especially if you haven’t altered your middle school strategy and still buy a lot of shit you don’t need so you can try to slip your trojanz past the clerk undetected.  We are in a financial crisis.    Times are rough. People

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