20 Jan 2010

Brooklyn Pie Contest!

Hey what’s better than eating pie? Two answers: 1. eating lots of pie and 2. eating pie to raise money for a good cause. BK Farmyards is a group that turns abandoned areas in NYC into usable farmland. Saturday, they’re the charity benefiting from Megan Paska’s annual Brooklyn Pie Contest.

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27 Dec 2009

Christmas Re-Gifting and Gettin' Freaky

The gifts are unwrapped, the eggnog upchuck stain cleaned up, and all that snow has turned into sludge, it’s time to face the cold reality that Christmas is over. It was fun while it lasted and now you are the proud owner of 12 new pairs of argyle socks, a

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22 Dec 2009

Volunteer with the Elfin Project or GLWD

ELFIN PROJECT Feeling a little lonely this holiday season?  Or just stuck in NYC away from family… or stuck in town with family who you’d rather not see?  Visiting Neighbors is looking for a few good volunteers (aka elves) to deliver gifts to homebound, isolated, and lonely senior citizens during

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19 Dec 2009

Feeling Crafty? and the Hot Chocolate Crawl!

CRAFTERMATH This traveling, rogue punk craft brigade makes all of its crafts out of unusual materials (such as tampons, I heart NYC condoms, customized rape whistles, tiny subversive paintings, punk felt ornaments, and more). They’re having a craft party and show featuring home made crafts, indie gifts priced right, (no

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11 Dec 2009

How to Dress for Santacon NYC as a Brokeass

As Laura S. mentioned the other day, Santacon is right around the corner. In fact, today is Santacon Eve. Tomorrow, New York with be full of 3,000+ Santas gallivanting around in giant packs. And there is no better way to appreciate a the city covered in Christmas decorations than when

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30 Nov 2009

FREE Sweatshop Social/ $10 All You Can Drink Show

FREE Bag Making at Sweatshop Social Grunt at your computer if you have a cupboard that’s been completely overtaken with plastic grocery sacks from the bodega. If you grunted, you should switch to reusable cloth grocery bags. Every grocery store in the NYC area sells them for 99 cents, or

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23 Nov 2009

FREE Craft Night at Etsy Labs

A few years ago, “crafting” was probably more widely associated with crazy women hand-painting wooden signs to say “Spoiled Rotten Akita Lives Here” or cross-stitching pillows with pictures of birds hugging crying kittens. But with the rise of DIY culture, crafting has turned into something hipper, with people making cross-stitches

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