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20 Jul 2009

Moonday Mondays at Mug!

There’s a reason Monday is your favorite day of the weeek.. According to Ambrose Bierce, Monday is : ” (n.) In Christian countries, the day after the baseball game.”  Dang, did that old man get it wrong!  Monday is a contraction of Moonday, which had to be truncated with the

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19 Jul 2009

FREE: Dirty Projectors at Williamsburg Waterfront

I feel really mad at myself because I just woke up and its a beautiful day and I wasted the morning part but sometimes a lady’s gotta sleep in. Anyway all I wanna do now is get showered, get dressed and hit brunch and enjoy the day which is what

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18 Jul 2009

FREE: Siren Festival on Coney Island

Few places in New York are as mythic and storied as Coney Island. From the Wonder Wheel to the Cyclone, to Nathan’s to the the beach itself, the place is unlike any other in the city and that’s only one reason why you should check out today’s Siren Festival. Produced

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17 Jul 2009

Sweaty Friday: Kelli Rudick, Rooftop Films and an Open Bar

It looks like it’s working up to being a steamy, muggy friday here in NYC.  Gross. This is the kind of day that makes you want to do nothing more than stay inside with the AC, a ton of water and the Freaks & Geeks box set, until the sun

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16 Jul 2009

FREE: Rock Poster Show and Kelli Rudick

Lately I’ve noticed that my laptop base has been getting hot. Like, really hot. Like right now there is a neoprene laptop case between my laptop and my legs even. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to get off the computer at some point.

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15 Jul 2009

FREE : Book Launch Party at Rooftop Farms

Eagle Street Farms is a 6,000 square foot produce farm on the roof of a warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The farm grows cabbage, peas, kale, mixed greens and more and is irrigated by rainfall, which helps take the burden off of the areas sewage system. Local restaurants Marlow & Sons

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14 Jul 2009

Nerd City, Population: YOU

Judging from all of my oh-so-secret events lists, it  seems as though the stars have aligned to make July 14, 2o09, the Day of the Nerd.  Which is awesome. As movies and television have patiently explained, and as the Lower East Side has consistently demonstrated, the nerds are gonna inherit

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