04 Nov 2019

Nearly Half of American Renters Are Cost-Burdened by Rent

This article comes from the folks at Apartment List Let’s take a look back on 2018: a year of record-low unemployment and increasing wages. Yet according to a new study by Apartment List, virtually half of American renter households are still struggling with their housing costs. Apartment List’s 2019 Cost

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05 Jun 2012

Caution: Your Precious New York Apartment Might Fall Apart

I have lived in New York my entire life, so I’m used to dodging dog shit on the sidewalk, homeless people asking me for money and I’ve come to the conclusion that only Jehovah’s Witnesses visit me on Saturday mornings.  It comes with the territory. Still, there are some things

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15 Feb 2011

NYC Apartment Staples

Not being a native New Yorker, or even East Coast-er, I’ve come to notice the things that don’t resemble strip malls and shirtless guys listening to Sublime/Red Hot Chili Peppers/the worst radio hits of 1995.  Especially, though, when apartments are concerned, there are some especially funny and idiosyncratic things about

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