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SF’s Hidden Tikki Bar, with an incredible view

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The Luau Lounge, SF

If you don’t already know about this place, you’ll never guess where it is.  Go ahead, guess.  Nope, that’s not it.  It’s not what you’re thinking, my hoa (‘hoa’ is ‘friend’ Hawaiian…I googled it).  This isn’t some new ‘secret’ tiki bar that just opened or an old classic way out in the Avenues. Nope.  It’s a bar and grill at the end of a pier, in maybe the last place you’d think to look.

Yeah that’s right.  Pier 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf

At the very, very end of Pier 39, past all the fanny packs and tourist shops, you come to a Sports Bar named ‘Players’, but you’re not there yet.  You still have to walk past Players and through a maze of arcade games and skee ball machines until you get to one of the best views in San Francisco.

Luau Lounge has a 180 degree view of the Bay and Alcatraz.

Stuart I literally followed a Treasure Map to find this place.  I’m serious, there’s a treasure map of Fisherman’s Wharf that takes you around to all the good drinking spots, from the relocated Gold Dust Lounge to the new Brewery in Ghiradelli Square.  The treasure map is the only way we found this spot.

If you collect stamps from all 8 spots on the Treasure map, you end up at a Tiki bar you probably never heard of, with an 180-degree view of the bay and Alcatraz, and you get a golden pint glass as prize for all the good dinkin’ you’ve done.  The place is called the Luau Lounge, the view is stunning, and the cocktails and poke are good too.

Luau Lounge classic tiki cocktails

Luau Lounge, SF. Stuart and I were a bit tuned up and forgot to take pictures of the amazing view of the bay, and you surprisingly can’t find them online, you’ll have to go see it for yourself.

To find the hidden tiki lounge, and other spots in Fisherman’s Wharf checkout the Treasure Map.

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