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Free Dirt This Saturday at Bang Out

Worshipping the quicksand she walks on.

In A Christmas Story, the class groans when Miss Shields announces they will be writing on a theme, but Ralphie’s imagination hits a fever pitch.  Amick Boone and Kevin Hobson understand that excitement, and just like Miss Shields, like to hand out themes regularly to an assortment of writers to expound upon and relay to an audience en vivo every three months at Bang Out.

Past volumes have mused on topics such as Toxic Assets and First Times.  This coming topic is BFF, which is bound to produce oratory more brilliant than even the shiniest of broken-heart necklaces.  Laughter, tears, lanyards… the possibilities are endless.

The beans start spilling this Saturday at Amnesia. I’m not going if you aren’t.

Bang Out
Saturday, May 15, 2010
853 Valencia Street (btw 19th & 20th)
[Inner Mission]

Photo from Starz.

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