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13 Nov 2018

Stan Lee Dies, 47 Different Super Villains Claim Responsibility

Stan Lee, the legendary writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comics whose characters and stories made him a hero to comic book lovers and movie goers all over the world, has died at 95 years old.  Although the Los Angeles police department insist Lee died of natural causes, dozens of evil

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09 Nov 2018

10 Cool Things to Start Collecting

Collecting requires dedication and passion, willingness to search antique shop after antique shop to find that perfect piece you’ve been searching for. Though being a collector can take time and patience, it pays off. Some collectors’ items become valuable over time, and others reward collectors through entertainment and a sense

09 Nov 2018

Trans Film Festival Returns To The Roxie

The latest edition of the annual Transgender Film Festival returns to the Roxie Cinema this weekend with a slate of films which promise to be both political, informative, and entertaining. The three day festival takes on a special meaning this year given the anti-trans policies of the Trump administration–the President

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06 Nov 2018

Natalie Mount & John Law are Throwing a Party!

SIGNMAN: John Law is a three-month long retrospective of the San Francisco based, underground artist John Law, curated by Pro Arts’ Executive Director and curator, Natalia Mount. The exhibition, scheduled to open on June 7th, 2019, will include new work, documentation of events and explorations, neon art, and video works. For the

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05 Nov 2018

Everybody Gets a Willie McCovey Shirt!

WANNA STAY UP ON ALL THE FREE SHIRTS WE GIVE OUT? MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE EMAIL LIST! Willie McCovey was not only one of the best San Francisco Giants of all time he was also one of Major League Baseball’s finest players. This Hall

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31 Oct 2018

Check Out All These Mini Film Fests in the Bay Area

Guest post by Peter Wong The San Francisco Bay Area is a wonderful place to be for those who know Hollywood does not offer the beginning or the end of cinema’s possibilities.  At certain weekends of the year, several differently-themed small festivals present their annual offerings simultaneously. This coming weekend

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30 Oct 2018

Arctic Monkey Frontman has a New Haircut! Oh! and a new Album too

By Laina Petrinec Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner ditched his rockstar hairdo and delivered SF with a heavy dose of their newest albums’ mid-tempo tunes. The Arctic Monkeys’ newer fans would have been happy at their set at the Bill Graham theater this October which was majorly focused (60% of

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