These are the Best Cheese Related Puns Our Readers Came Up With

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Well the Greatest Grilled Cheese & Music Giveaway has come to a close and we now have our winners. These fine punsmiths were assigned with the grueling task of coming up with making a cheese related pun out of a famous musician or band name. The example given: A Tribe Called Quest = A Tribe Called Queso.

As you can see below they certainly did not disappoint. The following ten winners get to bring a guest to a grilled cheese tasting party hosted by The Melt at 925 Market Street, where they will get to munch to their hearts’ content, while drinking craft beer. Afterwards they’ll be heading over to The Warfield so they can groove their butts off to Big Gigantic. Here are the winners and their epic cheese puns. In the case where multiple entrants came up with the same cheesy pun, we gave it to whoever entered their pun first:

Chance Plaskett: Feta Wap = Feti Wap
Augustine Barry: Of Muensters and Men = Of Monsters and Men
Jack Avery:           Gouda-cris = Ludacris
Katy Lardaro:       Tyler the Cheese Grater =Tyler the Creator
David Samson:     Ricotta Ross = Rick Ross
Morgan Dill:         The Brie-tles = The Beatles
Susan Detwiler:    Method Manchego =Method Man
Michelle Tin:        TokiMuenster = Tokimonsta
Alec Berger:         Bruce String Cheese = Bruce Springsteen
Corrine Buteau:   Curd Cobain = Kurt Cobain

There were SO many other goods ones though so Please enjoy the following awesome cheesy puns. 25 of these folks also won a $20 gift card to The Melt:

Taylor Swiss
The Grate-ful Chedd
Camembert Humperdinck
Cardi Brie
Post Marscapone
Killswiss Engage
Pepper Jack Johnson
Swiss Cheestz
Selena Gargonzomez
Alicia Cheese
The Brie-52’s
Red Hot Chili Pepperjacks
The Velveeta Underground
Red Hot Cheesy Peppers
Cheddar than Ezra
Nicki Fromage
Portugal the Manchego
Eddie Cheddar
The Black Eyed Cheese
Electric Cheese Orchestra
Diana Ross and the Nacho Supremes
Rage Against the Mozzarella
Brie Brie King
Rage Against the Lactose
Justin Brieber
Ray LaManchengo
Pepperjack Johnson
Lady Gouda
Death Cab for Charcuterie
Crosby, Stilton, and Nash
Los Provolonely Boys
Childish GamBRIEno
Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Swiss
Feta (Fetty) Wap – I said, yeah, cheese fine. Wonder when cheese be mine. Cheese walk by, I press rewind
Chedder Faker
Sonny and Chevre
The Brie Gees
Gouda Mob
Velveeta Revolver
Parmesan Funkadelic
Mozzarella Fitzgerald
Havartinal Official (Kardinal Official)
Monterey Jackson 5
Gruyere Supply
The Roquefort Stones
Twisted Swisster
Grateful Edam
Baybel City Rollers
The Laughing Cow-nting Crows
Petit Basque-Street Boys
The Provalonely Island
Camenbert-naked Ladies
Cheese Wiz Khalifa
Feta Kuti
The Cheesesmokers

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