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Garden Grill: A Guilty Pleasure

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Garden Grill is one of those neighborhood places you walk by every day but never think to actually dine at. I’m no snob when it comes to good old fashioned diner food, in fact I seek it out in most cases, and despite the fact that GG is a chain, it’s got plenty of character to spread around. The outside awning proclaims its coffee shop status and their website takes it a step further by saying they’re the “best coffee shop in Williamsburg”.  Despite the fact that their coffee tastes like swill, the rest of the food is actually delicious and not to mention cheap.

Kelloggs Diner jumped the shark when they got a lobster tank, but Garden Grill doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a legit neighborhood diner with an old-school lunch counter and local clientele.  They’ve got all the staples of American diner food, french toast, huge melty sandwiches and of course some Greek influence thrown in. Their tuna melt is one of my regular epic-calorie indulgences as is their burger, which has never been overcooked, always spot-on, and rarely breaking the $5 line.  Can’t say I’ve tried their “Pizza Burger” or “Chili Burger”, but I’m all for exploring my burger topping horizons.

While diners are known for their hearty and cheap breakfast, my advice is to skip straight to the lunch menu, you’ll be much better off.  With the neighborhood getting hipper by the day, and Cono & Sons Pescatore closing up shop, as well as Garden Grill’s Greenpoint location, their Williamsburg spot is one of the last standing places to get some no-frills cheap eats.  Just remember, even places that are referred to as “Da Grill” can still dish out “da goods”.

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

Laura S, left the "sixth borough" three years ago to settle in Brooklyn. After working at some daily rags, she now does writing on the side but still eats more Ramen then necessary. When she's not moving residences every 6 months, eating her way through every neighborhood, and trying every microbrew known to man, she is unsuccessfully rediscovering home economics. With her binging days behind her, she's now exploring new projects and rediscovering the city that she loves (although is still prone to sliding on her knees during a Prince karaoke set).

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  1. BAS Writers
    September 24, 2010 at 9:41 am — Reply

    I totally used to eat at Garden Grill when I lived in the neighborhood 🙂

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