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2-For-1 Mondays at East River Bar

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Here’s a spot that was reviewed back in 2010 by our very own “Editor-in-Cheap” Mr. Broke-ass Stuart himself. And like Stuart, I think it’s time for everyone to put on their ruby red slippers, click their heels together three times and find themselves at East River Bar on Mondays, because this is the cheapest deal I know of.

From 5pm to closing on Mondays not only can you get two pints of PBR and two shots of whiskey for $5, but you can also get two well drinks for $6, two of any call liquor for $7, and two of any bottle or draft beer for $5. The bartenders also grill hotdogs in the backyard, which they give away for FREE at the bar! There is no cover to get in, and they usually have DJs and parties starting at 10pm. If you know of a better deal than this, please let me know.

For those of you who have never been to this place, the floor space is pretty large (plenty of room for dancing), there is a pool table in the back, red diner-style booths against the walls, and a massive backyard for you to grill your own food or smoke a cigarette with your cheap-ass drink. The crowd is a mix of bike messenger punks and locals who live in the neighborhood. The bartenders are friendly and most have been there for years, so tip them well on both drinks!

All right! New York broke-asses far and wide, everyone together now: There’s no deal like East River Bar, there’s no deal like East River Bar, there’s no deal like East River Bar…

East River Bar
97 S 6th St. (between Bedford Ave. and Berry St.)

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Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

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