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The Dirty Joke in the Princess Bride that you Never Noticed Before


If  you’re old enough to read this post there’s a good chance that you’ve seen the movie The Princess Bride at least a few times in your life. Me? I’ve probably seen it eleventy-hundred times. It’s really that good.

It wasn’t until I saw it a few years ago that I caught a dirty word they managed to slip through the censors. Inigo Montoya is sitting on the ground drunk while Prince Humperdinck’s men are rounding people up. When the prince’s man sees Inigo he says, “Ho there!” to which Inigo mutters to himself “Keep your Joder”.

Why is this funny? In Spain Spanish (you know, the kind spoken in Spain) Joder translates to “to fuck”, so Inigo is basically telling Humperdinck’s man to fuck off. But since it is muttered in Spanish, the American censors didn’t get the joke and let it slide by. Awesome right? Now watch it for yourself:

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