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NYC Restaurants With The Meanest Service

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So here’s the thing – when I go out to eat in New York City, I’m going because I am a lazy human who hates people but still wants to be treated nicely.  Sound accurate? Good, because that sums up a good chunk of New Yorkers – we’re jerks, but we expect to be treated nicely whenever we shell out money.

So yes, New Yorkers are a hard bunch to please, but with there being thousands of restaurants we could choose to go to at any time, you better feel lucky that you, Random-Ass Restaurant, got us as a patron.

But sometimes, restaurants don’t and it totally shows in their service.  Whether it’s by totally ignoring you or being outright bitchy, here are the restaurants with the meanest service in NYC.


Campeon (9 E 16th St)

I’m not a sports fan but went to this sports bar a few times [insert sports joke here]. Aside from being a bro-y sports bar with barely passable, priced-too-highly nachos, the staff has taken the New York Sports Team theme by being the all-time worst.  They don’t tolerate you asking for something (that they’ve forgotten to bring you) more than once. Case in point? I was once there with some friends and was the only person that didn’t have their food brought out. When I asked for it, the waiter brought it, and said “Here are your fucking tacos, bitch.” Classy. New Jersey-level classy.

Aside from the generally terrible service, the food isn’t great, it’s much too loud to do anything but stare at one of their several TV screens – and honestly, I could eat nachos and watch TV at home without servers being incompetent dicks.  So come on down to Campeon! The waiters will act like they’ve spat in your food and will try to get you to tip more for it.

Cosi (Rockefeller Center, other locations)

Anything good that came out of Boston definitely doesn’t include Cosi.  Originally, Cosi was a great alternative to Panera and the local hot bars in the area, but as of a few years ago, they’ve developed a trait that makes their service totally useless – putting together orders after the scheduled pick-up time.  The Rockefeller Center location is the worst at this – you’ll go to pick up your online order, and they’ll panic that you’ve shown up on time and take an additional 20 minutes to put together a fucking sandwich.  It is not that difficult, ladies and gentlemen – and I say that as somebody who used to work in fod service for a living. Sure, you could have fired me, but you can’t fire a restaurant chain.

Oh wait – you can. Cosi filed for bankruptcy in Fall 2016.  Suck it nerds!


The inspiration for Ron Burgundy performs at the Broadway Thai  on a regular basis 

Broadway Thai (241 51st St)

I once worked as a canvasser begging passerby for donations, and I would rather do that for another summer than go back to this restaurant.  Seemingly unable to handle more than two parties at a time (which isn’t an assumption, their staff has blatantly told customers this) and offering the worst service imaginable when you’re “lucky” enough to get a table.  Think I’m exaggerating? Think again – in one restaurant experience have you ever had a waiter who wouldn’t communicate with you, instructions on what NOT to order because certain dishes are “too hard to make,” one person’s food come out an hour later, with rancidly cooked noodles (as identified by smell), an added gratuity that wasn’t agreed upon by the customers, and more?  Never? I thought as much.

Tourists, it’s great that you don’t leave Midtown (my commute thanks you) but for your own general health – don’t go here.  This restaurant shouldn’t represent NYC in any capacity.


Artichoke Pizza (328 E 14th St)

The love-hate relationship I have with Artichoke is like that of a bad boyfriend.  Artichoke Pizza is one of the best chains in the city. (It’s location in LaGuardia Airport is one of the reasons that airport is tolerable.) The service, however, is atrocious and their 14th Street location is the worst.  Aside from the shitty paper plates, napkins, and school cafeteria plastic cups that you’re supposed to eat with, the large guy in charge will yell at you if you do anything he doesn’t like. Have your chair in the wrong spot? Instead of asking you to move it, he’ll shout at you. Want a friend who isn’t eating to sit with you as you finish your pie? Instead of kindly saying they need the restaurant space, he’ll shout at you and slam down some menus to force your friends to order.  Maybe he’s born with it, or maybe he’s just the worst – or maybe the main qualification to work at Artichoke Pizza is that you’re just a pizza-smart, dirt-bag human being.

So beware, those who eat food (a.k.a. Everyone).  NYC may be one of the world’s greatest culinary cities, but these hidden gems will make you want to move to Hoboken.

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Alexandra Wilson

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