Fun Corporate Event Ideas for Millennials

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A corporate event might seem like a one-size-fits-all get-together. There are drinks, there are snacks, and everyone’s happy with the predictability. However, that’s not necessarily the case with a millennial workforce. They’ll certainly appreciate any type of party that you put on, but something off the beaten path will suit their tastes even better.

Think about it — this generation is the most likely to spend money on travel, so they’re out there looking for experiences. A unique corporate event can be yet another memory for them to hold onto for years to come.

With that in mind, here are five ideas to spruce up your next corporate event. We promise your millennial workforce will love it:

1. Make It a Secret

Your employees expect a holiday party each year, but not every celebration has to be predictable. Instead, your next corporate event can be completely secret until it’s time for the big day — or, at the very least, a few days beforehand so staff can make arrangements for transportation, childcare, etc. In that case, keep the details and features of the party enshrouded in mystery until people come to the event and see them firsthand.

The element of surprise is always a delight to employees of all ages. On top of that, an unexpected free lunch or after-work happy hour will make their efforts feel appreciated. And the element of surprise will make it all feel unique enough for millennials, to boot.

2. Head Outdoors

Most offices are so tech-centric, a trek into the outdoors could make your next work outing even more special. Whether you’re hiking, traversing a ropes course, camping or kayaking, time outside is a unique corporate event in that it’s exciting and productive. Working together to accomplish a physical pursuit will bring the team closer together, a feeling that’ll work its way back to the office.

You can take advantage of the outdoors for a more routine party, too. Plan a summer happy hour at a beer garden, or rent a cruise boat for a fancier soiree. There’s something about nature that makes the party seem so much more special, and you can use the Earth’s beauty to your advantage.

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3. Plan a Lunch Party

Many workers have trouble taking an actual break at lunchtime. Instead, they stay at their desks and keep working. That’s not the fun vibe you’re trying to cultivate, is it?

So, let your next event can shake up the daily grind. A lunchtime soiree would have food, but it could also have energizing activities to push staffers through the rest of the day. Some companies throw dance parties at midday, which helps get everyone out of their shell, but also boosts their workplace activity, a great way to stoke productivity.

A lunch party could also take place outside — a picnic, perhaps — or at a nearby restaurant to really show your employees you appreciate them. Bonus points for choosing a location that’s Instagram-friendly, which will delight the millennials in attendance who want to share the happenings of their day.

4. Coordinate a Cook-Off

We’ve already talked about Instagram-worthy locations, but what about photo-friendly food? Planning a company cook-off gives your staff a chance to show off their cooking skills, but they’ll also be able to whip up food that looks beautiful, too. You can rest assured that the spread of homemade dishes will be on someone’s social media feed. It goes without saying, but everyone will be glad to eat the tasty food at the end of the event, too.

5. Volunteer

Millennials love their social media, and they love bespoke experiences. But they’re also a generation that’s focused on social causes and change, and that can be parlayed into a memorable event, too.

The most obvious way to do it is to organize a volunteering event — and, if that’s successful, you can turn it into a weekly activity for the company. You can also show you care about social causes by raising funds for a charity at your next event or using eco-friendly supplies to set the scene. All of this will cast a positive glow in the eyes of your millennial staffers.

When In Doubt…

These are just five of the many ways you can throw an event that millennials will appreciate. The best piece of advice, though? Have a millennial to help you decide what type of event will best suit their peers because, well, they’re part of the same generation. They can help you publicize and plan the gathering, too, so that every detail suits the age group that you’re entertaining.

No matter what, though, don’t let the millennial reputation fool you. Your staffers will appreciate just about any party you throw for them because it’s a gesture of thanks for their hard work. So, start planning — and start celebrating.

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