Patron of the Week: Paul Bellar

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I love any opportunity to support the folks who support me, which is why I’m so excited to be doing this Patron of the Week series. From art to activism to non-profits, so many of the people who support Broke-Ass Stuart on Patreon do other really wonderful things as well. And this is a chance to shine light on them. Wanna be featured as Patron of the Week? Become a supporter on Patreon right here.

Our Patron of the week this time is Paul Bellar. When he’s not teaching high school biology or running his own real estate appraisal business, this 15 year San Franciscan is running for Assessor/Recorder. What?! Paul Bellar is trying to actually do something about the housing crisis in the hopes of making San Francisco affordable for everyone, not just those with a huge paycheck. Let’s see what he’s got to say:

Name: Paul Bellar

Where do you live?: On a weird island wedged between the Mission and Potrero Hill. Next to SF general.

Occupation: High School biology teacher/Small Business Owner for Real Estate Appraising

What’s a project you’re working on?Running for County Assessor/Recorder trying to help ease the housing crisis so our brothers and sisters can stay in the city we love. Vote Tall Paul!!

What is an accomplishment you’re really proud of?: When my first kid was born, I was a stay at home dad for his first year. During this time, I went back to school and got my appraisers license. I started my own small business which gives me the freedom to hang out in the morning with my kids/appraise homes in San Francisco.

Best money saving tip: When buying rounds at the bar, don’t be the “shot guy”. Buy the first round, which people are impressed with (and they usually remember to return the favor) and they often order beers, which are cheaper.

What do you refuse to spend money on?: Tutors. I have a masters in education. If I can’t teach my kids, I should go back to school.

Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought: My home. biggest single check I ever wrote.

How’d that feel?: Scarry as hell.

Favorite cheap eat: Tacos at Taqueria Vallarta at Harrison and 24th St.

Favorite dive bar: Pops

Best deal you’ve ever gotten: When I was studying in France, I got a last minute flight round-trip flight from Dijon, France to Columbus, OH to see my family for Christmas. $500ish

Favorite free thing to do: Having no plans on a Sunday but filling it with activities with my wife and kids.

If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?: Private plane to Hawaii for my closest friends/family on a private estate with a staffed chef and bartender.

One album that everyone should listen to: I always come back to Bon Iver’s self-titled album Bon Iver.

Best hangover cure:  I have a whole drinking plan to avoid hangovers. Check out the link here. But if I get caught on an impromptu night, I love the tried and true spicey bloody mary.

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