The Difference Between Attending a Festival Sober vs. Lit

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Confetti; the precursor to “it’s about to get weird” or the signal that it just did? Photo: Jacob Mulka

A good festival is a good festival no matter what condition your condition is in, but we still thought it would be fun to follow only people keeping it completely clean for half of Mo Pop Festival, and then those who were just to’ up from the flo’ up for the other half. From Lit Lennon (LL) to Sober Sloane (SS) we just had to document them in all their glory.

mo pop festival

LL: “Noodle Gang” had to re-up with some starch and brew…

… to match wits and how lit the boys were in the Brockhampton crew (…and we’re not rappers). Photo: Trevor Dernai

SS: This young lady was catching some shade and reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde…

…before catching some moon rays and seeing St. Vincent! Photo: Jacob Mulka

LL: This flower girl’s favorite flower made her think her second favorite flower could summon Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers…. Photo: Jacob Mulka

….which it just might have (it is a medicinal state but that also is Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers.) Photo: Jacob Mulka

LL: This girl staring at nothing was highly suspect…

…but then again so were the guys from Highly Suspect (you see how this is going to go?)

LL: Fashionable pass out couple definitely hit their festival bong…

… just in time for fashionable Jeff Rosenstock to jam out his “Festival song”! Photo: Jacob Mulka

LL: Father. The. Baby had to share the stroller….

… and be wheeled over to see Portugal. The. Man. Photo: Jacob Mulka

SS: First, they started by turning over cards….

…then they turned around for Turnover. Photo: Jacob Mulka

SS: The lead homie of the Inflatable Couch Crew was jiving and shaking…

… for the jive and vibes of Homeshake. Photo: Jacob Mulka

LL: This dude might’ve been “playing” a game appropriately named APB for 20 minutes in the beercade, but the machine needed coins the entire time…

…but then coined up a high score with a set from Curtis Roach. Photo: Trevor Dernai

LL: This guy was so confused as to why he couldn’t order a sandwich from wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man….

…then he was spotted in the crowd smiling and smashing a sammie during Billie Eilish. Photo: Trevor Dernai

LL: Someone should’ve convinced this guy his glasses needed staples (Photo: Hillary Illyssa)….

…before they were completely boom-bapped off by Vince Staples. Photo: Trevor Dernai

LL: The National on their own were lit enough by the end of the set. Pretty sure “I Need My Girl” ended up sounding like “I Bleed Dry Squirrels”. Photo: Jacob Mulka

SS: There was no huffing of paint by the artists creating the murals for a charity program put on by InkAddict…

LL: ….but we can’t say the same for these two napping behind the canvi…

LL: …or this muse full of booze who just got straight up painted.

SS: Coffee was the main choice for those on the sober ship….

SS:..these guys even paraded around for an hour with Drifter Coffee signs for a free cold brew.

LL/SS: The best of both worlds; the selfie-er and the napper…

… caught some Zs and pics before they caught headliner Bon Iver! Photo: Joshua Hanford

SS: For a summer festival hydration was key when it came to the lit crowd, hence why beer was the substance of choice… wait… (Photo: Jacob Mulka)

LL:…well regardless, some fool left a perfectly good beer on top of this port-a-potty (don’t ask how we know it was still perfectly good).

LL: Honestly, whether lit or sober, matches can be made a festival full of love good vibes. We’re pretty sure empty cup dancer…

LL: …and two-tier hammock lady hooked up.

Oh and a lot of the other fun we didn’t have any quips for but anyone sober or lit could, and did, enjoy!

SS: Detroit Dart Club

LL: Piano Playas Photo: Trevor Dernai

LL: Haute2Death Photo: Jacob Mulka

LL: A gamer’s gaze

SS: Pizza on the mind

SS: Frisbee Fella

LL/SS: Sleepy supporting sisters

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