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Super Fun Cosplay at Comic Con NY

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Well hello there, broke ass readers! As you may or may not have heard, I went to New York Comic Con this weekend in the name of our wonderful Broke Ass island of misfit toys. If you aren’t aware of what this convention is all about, the best way for me to put it is that it’s nerd & geek heaven. From video games to film to anime to professional wrestling to toys…whatever stunted your sexual awakening growing up will be represented under the roof of New York Comic Con. I’ll be breaking down this bad boy for you piece by piece because the weekend was fucking insane and so much fun to be a part of. I want to start with showcasing my photos of something that has become a huge draw every year: Cosplay. These are some of the coolest costumes I saw at NYCC 2018!

She Promised Me She Isn’t Blue in Real Life

Jason Goes To Comic Con

Vampirella, Ironically, Doesn’t Suck

Lady Death Also Does Burlesque!

Every Joker Needs A Harley Quinn

Reversing Gender Roles: Joker & Harley Edition

The Merc With A Mouth And A Hello Kitty Backpack

Negasonic Is Actually Nice, I Swear

This Mad Hatter Was Actually Selling…fuckin’ Hats

These Wings Were Insane In Person

This Dr. Strange Was So Impressive

That Light Appeared Outta Nowhere For The Picture

Wonder WoBEAR In The House!

Don’t Fuck With Doomsday, He Killed Superman

My 2nd Favorite Of The Convention: POWDERED TOAST MAAAAAN!!!

And My Favorite: “Pennywise“, The Sweetest And Most Terrifying Little Clown Ever

There you have it, folks! This is round one of the New York Comic Con Broke-Ass wrap up! I hope you enjoyed all the costumes as much as they enjoyed showing them off. Honestly, I have so many more that I may have to do a round 2. Sound off & let me know if you want more cosplay! In the meantime, look out for more wrap-up coverage!

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