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I Hung Out with All These Nerdy Celebs at NY Comic Con

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Hello, Broke-Ass readers! On Round 1, we covered one of the biggest draws of New York Comic Con: Cosplay. This round, we’re gonna take you into the world of yet another huge draw at NYCC every year: Celebrities. Each & every year, NYCC is packed to the brim with celebrities from all walks of the industry. On top of all the signings and appearances, there are also panels for upcoming TV shows, film screenings, Q&A sessions and even the occasional surprise drop in. It’s a fun way to meet and interact with famous folks without being a fucking creep or stalker. Plus, as it turns out, celebrities love to talk about themselves and their projects. I’m about to take you down a nostalgic rabbit hole of celebrity awesomeness with some new blood sprinkled in just for fun. Onto the photos!

American Dad” Panel: Curtis Armstrong AKA Booger from Revenge Of The Nerds, Chatting About The Show

“American Dad” Panel: Dee Bradley Baker, Fucking With Us By Answering All Questions In Character As Klaus

“American Dad” Panel: Rachael MacFarlane Dropping Knowledge On Us

Marvel Rising” Panel: Milana Vayntrub Talking To Us About The “Squirrel Girl” Character

“Marvel Rising” Panel: Kathreen Khavari Talking About Being Honored To Play Ms. Marvel

“Marvel Rising” Panel: Tyler Posey Talking About Being A Fan While Playing The Voice of Inferno

Jay Wasley & Aaron Goodwin from “Ghost Adventures

WWE Legend Ivory, Showing Off Her Hall Of Fame Ring

The One I Was Waiting For: The “Cobra Kai” Panel w/ Executive Producers & stars Ralph Macchio & William Zabka

Executive Producers Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg

Ralph Macchio, Talking About Playing Daniel LaRusso in 2018

William Zabka, Telling Us Whether Or Not Johnny Is Still The Bad Guy

There you have it, readers! If I’m being honest, there were so many more celebrities floating around that I could do a round 2 on this one as well. But for now, I hope you enjoyed these shots. Make sure to check out the newest seasons of American Dad & Cobra Kai along with the animated film Marvel Rising and the Halloween Special from Ghost Adventures! I’m gonna be dropping part 3 on you next and we’ll be wrapping up the convention coverage with what’s most important: The Crowds.

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