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05 Apr 2011

Wedding Attire: NYC vs SoCal

I’ve been to quite a few weddings just over the past couple of years, both here in NYC as well as in my unfortunate original homeland of Southern California. Yes, this post is going to be a little bit “white people drive like this/black people drive like this“, but like,

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29 Mar 2011

Graham Ave. Meats and Deli: Best Sandwich Ever

So this one day, I was working late and hadn’t left the computer for like 9 hours straight– not even for lunch, bathroom, NOTHING. I went over to my boyf’s house all exhausted and strung out on coffee with a computer screen glow permanently etched in my sight. Food was

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22 Mar 2011

FREE Art Show: Fawad Khan at Lu Magnus Art Lab & Salon

It’s nearly impossible to get to see and be up to date on all the best new art in this city, so consider this your major tip– if you only go to one art show this year, make it Fawad Khan’s solo show, FRACTURED REVERIE, at the Lu Magnus Art

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15 Mar 2011

90s Night Tuesdays at Studio Square Beer Garden

What better way to ring in the anticipation of Spring than by going to one of the the biggest beer gardens in the city? And guess what? They’re now having a 90s night every Tuesday so you can live out your La Bouche Pandora station out where the world can

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08 Mar 2011

Hey Allday Handmade: Brooklyn Designs You Can Use

If you can only buy yourself one treat this month/year, which, if you’re as under-employed as I am, is a sad, sad, reality– make it something practical AND whimsical. So, what was the one semi-frivolous thing I got myself this year (and maybe for the rest of my life)? A

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01 Mar 2011

Rye House Manhattan: Insane Lunch Special (Posse)

Betcha didn’t know that there’s another Rye (House) in town that ISN’T the one in Williamsburg! Rye HOUSE is, in fact, sort of near the Union Square area of Manhattan, and is one of those gastropubs. I know what you’re thinking, ohhhhh those places are so overpriced and whatnot. But

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26 Feb 2011

Stand Up for Women’s Health in NYC

If you give a shit about the reproductive rights of women in any way, you should go to the Rally for Women’s Health on Saturday, February 26 from 1pm to 3pm at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan. Kathleen Hanna is supposed to speak, and I heard there will be a

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