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29 Jul 2011

Burgers, Beers and Bears at Julius

 This is the oldest gay bar in the city, and by far one of my favorite places to go in the afternoons to get away from the typical West Village crowd. Here you can not only get one of the best grilled burgers in NYC for only Five bucks –

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22 Jul 2011

The Best Food Cart on Quesadilla Avenue

When you get off the L or M train at Myrtle / Wycoff there are taquerias all over, so many in fact that the street has been coined “Quesadilla Avenue”. But the best, the very best in my opinion, is the food cart right outside of the train station. There

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15 Jul 2011

Blue and Gold, You Dirty Hipster!

People either love or hate this dive, but who could blame them? Known for bitchy bartenders, crowds of college kids, and disgusting bathrooms, there’s a lot of reason to hate the place. But with drink Combos like the Dirty Hipster (PBR and Shot of Jagermeister) or The Dude (an IPA

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08 Jul 2011

Blarney Stone: Keep the Drinks a-Comin’

As I stare at this blank screen and think about what I should write on the Blarney Stone, I seem to be at a loss. Not because I can’t rifle off a dozen stories about the place, but because this spot is almost too good for words. I mean, what

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01 Jul 2011

Land Ho! Staten Island and New Asha

During sunsets, when tourists are in town, when you find yourself wanting something more, when you just want to drink on public transportation legally, there is a boat in the distance following the ray of light that trials along the water from Manhattan to Staten Island. My friend, that is

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24 Jun 2011

Poor Man’s King Feast

My friend Matt showed me this restaurant a few years ago, back when I was really broke. That means, basically, living in a crawl space, surviving off food stamps and having little to no spending money. But the poor still need a few quality pastimes. For example: going to the

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17 Jun 2011

The Boiler Room: My Nymphet Equivalent

Boiler Room, disco ball of my night, fire of my liver. My Sin, my soul. Boi-ler Rooooom: the way the lips slightly part as the last syllable escapes the mouth and puckers as the “m” oozes from the back of the throat. Boi. Ler. Rooooom. This is one of my

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