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03 Apr 2018

How to Consume Edibles Wisely…Well, Kinda

We partnered with The Apothecarium for this story. With three beautiful locations in San Francisco it’s one of the most incredible experiences you can have buying cannabis in town. Broke-Ass Stuart readers get 10% off at The Apothecarium for the entire month of April! Just say “Stuart sent me” at the counter or use the code “StuartSentMe” when

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19 Feb 2018

Cannabis Cocktails are the Wave of the Future

This post was made in conjunction with the fine folks at Sava. Wanna support a post on the site? Holler at Alex@BrokeAssStuart.com Now that recreational weed is legal in California we’re seeing a renaissance of creative ways to use and consume it. That’s why I’ve teamed up with the fine

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28 Sep 2017

No Doubt the Coolest Halloween Contact Lenses Ever

This post is made possible by the fine people at ACLens. Wanna sponsor a post? Holler at Alex@BrokeAssStuart.com You know what the Bay Area does almost better than anywhere else? Wait, did you just say smoke weed? That’s not at all what I was thinking of but you bring up

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08 Sep 2015

Beardspotting – The New Sport Your Face Has Been Waiting For

Since the dawn of Man there have been beards (actually back then we were pretty much covered in beard). Then one day we invented cutting utensils and thought “Hey, let’s use this sharp stuff to carve weird designs into our beards” and we did.

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21 Aug 2014

HeyLets: Finally a Social Network Where You Don’t Have to Be a Jerk

This post is sponsored by the fine folks at HeyLets. Wanna sponsor a post? Drop us a line at info@BrokeAssStuart.com  We’ve all been there. You’re looking for a restaurant or a bar nearby, so you hop on your pocket internet machine. You’re led to Yelp or TripAdvisor or another one of

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17 Jun 2014

Get to Where You’re Going as Fast as Possible with the New FREE RideScout App

Ride Scout is donating $1 from each download so that I can do things like pay hosting fees and buy myself underwear that doesn’t have holes in it! While there’s currently a ton of options of ways to get around your town, it’s hard to know which one will get

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21 Aug 2013

4 Great International Hostels for Less Than €15

This post is sponsored by the fine people at HostelBookers.com. You interested in sponsoring a post or advertising on the site? Holler us at Info@BrokeAssStuart.com Once upon a time I imagined that if I wanted to see places like Berlin, Beijing, Porto and Cape Town on my shoestring budget, I’d be subjected

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