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Help a Homo Out and Save the Broke-Ass Heroes at the Lyon-Martin Clinic This Sunday!!

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Sexy raffle prizes!

As the city flirts every so often with the mainstream and homogeny, that which makes us different becomes all the more dear- which requires some upkeep.

Since 1979 the Lyon- Martin Clinic has been one of the most dependable caretakers for those whom mainstream medicine has deemed non-priorities. If you are female, queer, trans, something beyond pale in the melanin scale and lacking some serious plata then you know you can stop in at Lyon-Martin if you aren’t feeling too hot either mentally or physically.

That’s all going to come to a screeching halt this year if the clinic can’t raise an emergency sum of $250,000 to cover immediate debts, however.

Being broke these days sucks enough without being sick and broke and fortunately, so far, free or cheap health care has been one of the cool parts about living in this town. Lyon- Martin closing would spell disaster for whole hell of a lot of people if it happens.  Lots of people come to this city so they can be themselves without fear.  That doesn’t really work too well if your coughing up a lung, going bonkers or dead.

Soooo, instead of boozing it up at the park or the beer busts this Sunday, come out and bring your shiny pennies to keep this institution from falling into the abyss.  There is a Hotties 4 H0m0 Healthcare fundraiser from 7 pm- 10pm at that other queer SF, albeit hardly non-profit, institution, El Rio. It’s $5-$15 sliding scale which always confuses people, but just come with a fiver and you’ll be fine.

There will be lots of queers with lots of sexy homo performances and music. Drinking for cheap is never much of a problem at this bar and they’ll probably be some form of carbonized sustenance in everyone’s favourite Mishy backyard. Plus there’s promise of some sort of smutty prizes if you enter the raffle courtesy of the likes of and Good Vibrations.  You never can have too much fuck machine porn or fuzzy handcuffs, now can you?

Booze it up chickadees- you can’t afford not to!

Hotties 4 H0m0 Healthcare Fundraiser to Save the Lyon- Martin Clinic
Sunday, January 30, 2011
7pm- 10pm
$5- $15 sliding scale

El Rio'your dive!
3158 Mission Street (@ Precita)
[Outer Mission]

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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