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Tonight: It’s OK to Haight

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Seriously, be careful - you could lose an eye.

Ever seen a blog in 3D? I’n not talking Avatar 3D, but 3D as in the real deal. Head on down to Lower Haight tonight from 6pm-10pm for a FREE glimpse of actual footage from the tangible version of Haighteration – the blog (and our pals!) dedicated to serving the better half of Haight St.

I’m curious to see just how much history and depth of the neighborhood can be crammed into the itsy-bitsy art space Fifty24SF , which normally has its walls adorned with really weird masks of faces and animals. The gallery is acting as a “one-month Pop Up Shop,” put together by Noise Pop and SF Underground, in an effort to promote the Noise Pop festival, which blasts off next week.

My own personal memories – indulging in numerous cups of coffee while studying at Café International back in my college years, dancing to drum ‘n’ bass at my ex-favorite hang out the Top, and more recently, witnessing (or wait, did I win?) a spliff-rolling contest (at a bar I won’t mention the name of) at 5am the other night  – probably won’t be honored in the exhibit – but I will gladly go see what normal people tend to do in this neighborhood.

The one-night museum is sponsored by Trumer Pils, and will offer BBQ munchies from Memphis Minnie’s BBQ joint and Smokehouse and beer from Magnolia (making its way down the street from Upper Haight.) Tonight it’s OK to be a Haighter, come pay homage to the great times you’ve had (if you can remember them) in one of the cooler neighborhoods of our city.

And who knows, maybe they’ll even hand out some ultra-chic, black-rimmed 3D glasses at the door, and the hipsters that replace those weird masks for a night will suddenly be all up in your face…

Wednesday, February 16, 6pm
The Noise Pop-Up Shop Fifty24SF
218 Fillmore St. [Lower Haight]
Details over on

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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

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