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Noise Pop Ticket Giveaway: "Family Jams" Film Screening

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I know I posted about a Noise Pop movie last week, but here’s another one for Thursday, February 24, at VIZ Cinema. And this time, you can win two FREE tickets! The Family Jams is a documentary about a 2004 music tour of three of freak-folk’s freakiest folks: SF’s own Vetiver, the inestimably weird Devendra Banhart, and the angel of them all, Joanna Newsom.

Jealous. Of him, not her. Let

Now, no one loves Joanna Newsom more than I do. I mean, seriously, I might actually be in love with her. I’ve got all sorts of things planned to say to her when I meet her. Like “Hey, can I get your autograph? Only, the thing is, I’m allergic to ballpoint pen, so I was wondering if you could sign my cheek…with your tongue.” Or the time I planned to make a homemade blowgun, tranq her during one of her shows, put on a prosthetic nose, and sing “Dick in a Box” into her ears (this seduction tactic is guaranteed to work because her boyfriend is Andy Samberg. Right?).

[vimeo 3713992]

But enough about me and my stalkery plans. Here is the spiel about the flick:


“In 2004, director Kevin Barker joined his friends Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and the band Vetiver on tour, documenting their travels as they perform their genre-defining music, dubbed “freak folk” by the press. This intimate document of three San Francisco based musical acts chronicles the tour from the inside, focusing on the tight-knit family of friends formed on the road. Told without the use of interviews and with minimal voice-over, the film shows a group of musicians, each on the cusp of success, traveling together as a family, singing together on stage and off, supporting each other through the difficult situations that arise, and meeting colorful characters, forgotten musical heroes, and folk luminaries as they travel across the country.”

81 minutes of Joanna footage??? I wanna go! Do you? If so, email with a freak folk haiku. You don’t really have to do that. It’s just a formality but it does make the influx of emails more entertaining for us. The winner will be drawn at random. If you email, we’re going to add you to our mailing list, unless you explicitly tell us not to.

Screening of The Family Jams
Thursday, February 24, 9pm
VIZ Cinema
1746 Post St.
FREE (to the winners, $10 to the losers, I mean, everyone else)

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