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Win Tickets to the World Premiere of GUSH at the Roxie

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Listen up, guys and girls.  Word on the street is you’re trying really hard to please your lady, and she definitely appreciates the effort, but you’re not quite there yet.  And it’s totally acceptable to blame it all on the elusive G-spot.  It would be a million times easier if the G-spot was located, say, on the forehead or something (though I feel like that would be super awkward).  The point is we could all use a little education on the topic, which is where the world premiere of Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation at the Roxie comes in!

Gush, the “show-and-tell extravaganza” featuring erotic performers Dylan Ryan, Mickey Mod, Jiz Lee, Sophia St. James, Syd Blakovich, Mirabelle Hayes, Maxwell Silver, Gloria, and Altair Shadow, contains everything you need to know about stimulating your partner’s lady parts.  Obvs there will be a lot of vaginas, boobs, wieners and butts in this movie, so if you’re kinda prudish, you might want to stick to the after-party at Good Vibrations on Valencia for FREE wine, cake, prizes, and the chance to hobnob with the film’s directors and performers, where I assume everyone will be at least partially clothed.

The Roxie screening is $10, but we’re excited to host a giveaway for a pair of FREE tickets to one of our broke-ass followers!  If you want to join in the G-spot party, email before noon tomorrow — and spare us the details of your sex life.  We blush easily.

World Premiere of Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation at the Roxie Thursday, May 5, 7pm – 8:30pm 3117 16th St. [Mission] $10 a After-Party at Good Vibrations Thursday, May 5, 8:30pm – 9:30pm 603 Valencia St. [Mission] FREE
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Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator

Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator

When Christy announced she was leaving her family's Southern California home and moving to San Francisco, her mom said, "Have fun in that den of sin." This is the only (however sarcastic) advice Christy has ever taken from her mom, who also told her to join and cover her eyes during sex scenes in movies. Christy puts her creative writing degree to good use by locating the typos on Chinese food menus and spends most of her time challenging friends to all-you-can-eat contests and trying to get that one bartender at Zeitgeist to smile.

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