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Hillwide Garage Sale in Bernal Heights this Saturday

Never seem to have to time to make it out to Bernal Heights? Now you have a good reason to get out there. This Saturday, August 13th, the entire Hill becomes one gigantic flea-market as all inhabitants living there are welcome to sell their unwanted treasures. This once-a-year neighborhood-wide flea market is so extensive, they even make a map for true garage sale goers to plan the best route.

If you want to participate as a vendor in the mega-sale, just remember to follow these simple rules:

  1. Please keep the sidewalk clear so that people are easily able to pass by
  2. If you want to set up in front of someone else’s property – please please please get their permission first
  3. DO NOT set up in front of the Library
  4. Be BERNAL SAFE! We’ll let Ingleside Station know that Hillwide is happening but please make sure to keep pets inside and doors/windows locked – we don’t want any unintended visitors in our homes
  5. Clear up once you are done for the day

If you are not broke enough to have to sell all of your belongings this Saturday, come burrow through other people’s stuff and score prices that are sure to make you happy. Come sift through Bernal Height’s residents’ furniture, clothing, kitchen wares and other goods to find exactly what you’ve been searching for. Garage sales are perfect places to find that Burning Man costume you’ve been dreaming of, along with several other random items you may not really need – but they just seem so perfect in the heat of the moment…

Hillwide Garage Sale Saturday, August 13th 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. FREE to be a vendor or shopper [Bernal Heights]

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