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4th Annual SF Bike Expo

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This one’s for you, with your thick-framed glasses and your single pant leg rolled up. Yeah, you- the super-cool Mission hipster standing on the street corner, nom nom nom-ing down that tasty treat from a nearby food cart. It’s a freakin bike expo! That’s right, come check out hot new gear for your uber-“green” vehicle- you know, the one you completely covered in bright paint to make it “totally awesome and different.” You know, it’s totally not mainstream at all.

The 4th Annual SF Bike Expo is being held on Saturday, Nov 12 and Sunday, Nov 13- two days due to last year’s nearly 5,000 attendants. There will be some pretty awesome demonstrations at the expo, including Andrew Taylor’s Showdown – Big Air Mountain Bike Dirt Jump Competition, All Fixed Comp: Uproar! – Fixed Gear Freestyle Competition, Behind Bars Cycle Showdown – the Custom, Vintage, and Low Rider Show, and even a BMX Battle of the Bay Competition produced by Clayton Bikes.

Okay, okay…so obviously this isn’t just for you super cool hipsters with awesome bikes that annoy me as I grind my teeth trying to navigate through the damn city (with all of its stupid one way streets and no left turns! Grrr…). But this is something that you crazy Mission kids will especially enjoy- the Pedal Savvy Bicycle Fashion Show! Cyclist fashion at its finest- for damn sure!

Attendees are invited to bring their bikes, ride, and even race.

SF Bike Expo
Sat, Nov 12 and Sun, Nov 13
10a.m- 5p.m
@ The Cow Palace in Daly City.
Tickets. $12 presale. $15 at the door. $20 two day pass.   Photo Courtesy of Illustrator Chris Koelle for Bike Snob via
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Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

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