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Not Your Average Ho-Ho-Halloween

Updated: Oct 28, 2012 20:32
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It’s that time of year again… the time of pretending and fantasy. That holiday where one can dress up as anything they so desire and drop bad accents without shame. It’s Halloween. For some, this is the time to get the creative juices flowing, and for others it’s just an excuse to wear scantily clad attire with animal ears and claim it’s a costume. Don’t they get cold? Isn’t it annoying dieting for the entire month of October just to fit into a leotard or police costume with the temptation of candy everywhere you look?

Over the past week or two I’ve heard girls complaining that they’re not 21 anymore, that they have no desire to dress up, and that Halloween is for children. Well, Halloween is not just for children, nor do you need to pretend you’re an easy co-ed to enjoy dressing up. I encourage a bit more thought and coverage for this festive holiday. I have put the days of ill-fitting dresses and cat ears behind me and decided on some alternative ideas to get your favorite October event rolling (or the second favorite, if you’re a baseball fan). Also, if you missed out on the weekend festivities, Newsflash: Halloween isn’t until Wednesday.

Where’s Waldo

So simple. Black glasses, red and white striped shirt, and jeans. Be sure to pop in and out throughout the evening, adding the “where’s” factor to your Waldo. Additionally, if you’re known for pulling Irish Goodbyes like I am (you know, leaving when nobody notices without bidding your farewell), you can just tell everyone that it was part of your costume. Where’s Waldo? I guess he’s not coming back.

Honey Boo-Boo

Grab your go-go juice and find the most obnoxious pink glitter ensemble humanly possible. This means over-curled, Texan-big hair complete with a tiara. Be sure to grab a be-dazzler  the hottest pink you can find, and a frilly tutu. Honey Boo Boo is the perfect costume to be as annoying as humanly possible. I actually recommend this costume to guys. Everyone loves a little drag.

Seamus Romney

Poor dog, strapped to the roof of the car during an 8 hour trip. We all feel sorry for Seamus. So, how would one pull off this costume? A dog costume, naturally, looked ragged and sad. I envision Seamus holding a “Dogs Against Romney” sign as well. If you’re a Democrat or a Dog Lover, and I suspect many of you are one or both, this is an election-appropriate costume a bit more original than the Palins of 2008.

Tetris People

If you’re going with a group and have a limited budget, just grab some boxes, paint, and glue. Paint the boxes the appropriate color, glue the pieces together, and cut a hole in one to fit through. Voila! You’re a piece of the Tetris puzzle. While doing your Tetris research though, watch out for signs of the Tetris Effect. It’s real, guys.

Pop Art

Totally chic. Paint your face- and be sure you actually are decent at painting your face- and think of a word bubble to stem from your head. Think dots and cartoons. Paint tears on your face, and a lot of red circles. Think of your favorite pop-art piece and grab a ModCloth-esque dress to complete your look.


You can be snarky and incorporate one of the best websites of all time into a Halloween masterpiece. Grab some cardboard, construction paper and black markers to create your very own Someecard message. It’s your time to shine offline.

I hope this helped. If all else fails, you can always just pass out candy to children or go back to the good old favorite of underwear and animal ears.


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