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Tacos For Breakfast: Making Amazing Chilaquiles with Your Leftovers

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AH, THE TACO. It gives so much and asks so little. It’s cheap, tasty and fast. It comes in a bounty of varieties and can serve as a snack, a meal, or much, much more. And that’s what I’m here to talk about. Next time you find yourself at a taqueria, grab an extra to go and save it for the next day to make some of the best damn chilaquiles you’ve ever eaten. Here, I’ll show you what to do:

Let’s face it. The taquerias are just plain better at making carne asada and al pastor than you are. That being said, you might as well have them do the leg work and knock it out of the park the next day with a wonderfully re-purposed and easy to prepare breakfast. Pictured above is the first step. Basically, just take a taco, spill out the insides and chop them up a little more. Also, take the tortilla it came in and rip it up into little pieces. Dice an avocado as shown above, or however you do it normally.

Next, get some eggs and whip them up like you were going to scramble them. At this point, I usually add a little milk along with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Toss your mangled taco carcass into a frying pan with some butter at medium to high heat. Let it go until the tortillas start to brown a little and get a bit crispy.

Next, pour in the egg mixture. You can season it a little more here if you’d like.

Finally, add some cheese and scramble that shit. At this point I’ll even dash in some Tapatio for good measure. Let it cook until the eggs are done, but not too dry.

Put it on a plate and eat it. One taco and three eggs provided enough fixins for two breakfasts.

There’s a detail shot.

All in all, it takes about 10 minutes and can serve as a real friend winner if you wake up somewhere you have some explaining to do.


Photo Credit: Anne Dolce (sfgate), Stephen Jackson

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