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Beautiful Women in Bookstores: Sonia

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All photos by the incredible Victoria Smith

Beautiful Women in Bookstores is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a celebration of reading, intelligence, independent bookstores, and of course, beautiful women. In a time when bookstores seem to be disappearing this is our effort to show how sexy books and reading really are. Each installment will have a different beautiful woman photographed in an independent bookstore and interviewed about what it is that makes reading so damn important.

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Our store this time is Modern Times Bookstore Collective, a badass co-op that has been serving SF for 44 years. They used to have a huge shop on Valencia but recently moved to 24th St. when their rent went up. While Modern Times is great for whatever you’re looking for, their selection really excels in politics, sexuality & gender, globalization, and world economies. It’s a great plea to get a book for your favorite revolutionary.


Name: Sonia Parecadan aka Devi

Occupation: Art model

Where are you from?: The East Bay, specifically Oakland at the moment

Who are your favorite authors?: Vonnegut, Nabokov, R.L Stine (j/k)


What are you reading right now?: Bad Feminism by Roxane Gay.

Where is your favorite place to read?: Quiznos (j/k again) maybe long flights?

Who are some women who inspire you?: Speaking of feminism and books, Kate Chopin. Gayle Rubin… In terms of women people have actually heard of, 80s Madonna. Also, my sister.


Do you have a favorite bookstore?: Longfellows Books in Portland ::wink wink:: Nile Hagen 🙂

What’s the last book that really moved you?: Madame Bovary

Who is your favorite literary character?: I’m not sure I really have one; right now my least favorite is Emma Bovary, does that count?


Which book have you read the most times?: Catch 22

Is there anything sexy about good writing?: Duh! Put me in room with Sontag and Hemingway and we’d be doin’ a lot more than writing, if you know what I mean.


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