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Great Podcasts For Boring Tasks

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By Kelly O’Grady

Thank God for Podcasts. How else would we handle menial tasks like riding the bus or sad attempts at working out. The other great thing about podcasts is that there’s no limit on what they can be about, there’s at least fifty podcasts all about the television show Frasier for example (Tossed Salad) I’ve taken the time from my busy schedule to compile a list of some pearls of podcasting.

These first two are standard issue podcasts.

President Barack Obama participates in a podcast with Marc Maron in Los Angeles, Calif., June 19, 2015.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

1.WTF with Marc Maron

A man kvetches in his garage. Occasionally with comedians and other persons of fame.

A bull moose dragging strands of Anchorage Town Square holiday lights attracts attention from passersby along 7th Avenue, Tuesday morning November 27, 2007. (Erik Hill / Anchorage Daily News)

2. This American Life

The episode that featured “Buzzwinkle” the drunk moose that terrified and charmed an Alaskan town is so great. That’s a story that should have been made into a novel for young adults by now.

Here’s three that I really like at the moment:

3. My Favorite Murder

The fabulous hosts spend countless hours researching notorious murders then give you their often hilarious descriptions of them. The episode about The Beast of Jersey will horrify you but their efervescent cackling will keep you coming back for more. The tagline of the show being “Stay sexy and don’t get murdered”

4. How Did This Get Made

I love garbage movies, this podcast is all about watching garbage movies then talking about them in front of a live audience. If you like talking about crappy movies you forced yourself and your friends to watch this podcasts for you!

5. Process Party

A podcast all about making comics, featuring great interviews with cartoonists and the cartooning process. If you don’t care about comics this is not for you. Probably because you are boring. Comics are life!

And here’s one to break up all the “white noise” of most of these podcasts.

6. Ethnically Ambiguous

The hosts talk about what they’re experience is like coming from Syria and Iran and growing up in the United States, topics are discussed like what’s it like to bring your white boyfriend home to meet your very traditional Iranian dad and current politics taking place in the middle east from a perspective that is actually informed.

And here’s three that your girlfriend will hate:

7. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

Another pasty angry man sells you underpants and yells about sports and playing the drums. From time to time his wife tells him to calm down. It’s very loud.

8. Joe Rogan

The Lord Of Bros give you the inside scoop of things related to MMA and conspiracy theories. Imagine if the biggest goon on your high school wrestling team started reading a lot Terence McKenna books. That’s basically this podcast.

9. Gilbert Gottfried Amazing Colossal Podcast

An old girlfriend of mine couldn’t stand the sound of Gilbert Gottfried’s voice but it was the only thing I could fall asleep to for a long time. She left but Mr. Gottfried stayed. He has a great interview with people like Bruce Dern and Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees. AFLAK!

David Lynch. photo variety

Here’s a podcast I wish was real:

Kicking It WIth Lynch

Director David Lynch’s podcast where he talks at length about the smell of gasoline on lake water and other topics.

“One time I saw this rake, and it was green. It was so green it was like, wow. My friend Billy Stevens said “that’s not green, its red.”

A shameless plug for a podcast my friend is featured on.

Loud On The Set

Kyle and James talk at great length about movies and pop culture, also Kyle is a magician so you should hire him for parties or work functions. They will tickle you in all the right places with their podcast. My favorite part is when they have my best friend Josh call in to describe what his life is like living with his oversized head, haha he can’t wear hats!

Bonus: My one off podcast that I was too lazy to continue with.

My Dumb Opinions

I got bit by the podcast bug and recorded this. It starts off well enough then descends into a slow weirdness by the end. I couldn’t even keep the title straight because I was drunk when I was recording it. Maybe if I work up the nerve I’ll record another because I’ am an attention whore.

The end.

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