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Electro-RnB Anthem ‘Men Like You’ Empowering Women in Music

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By Kate Harveston

Canadian artists Maryze and Ciele recently announced their collaboration on a new single titled ‘Men Like You.’ The electro-RnB song, which will release on November 9th, calls for accountability for sexual assault in the music industry in the form of an open letter to perpetrators. The artists hope their work will help support survivors of sexual assault.

Audiences can expect to hear the influence of both Maryze and Ciele’s styles in the electro-RnB single. Bilingual pop-Rnb singer Maryze has taken the lead on vocals and songwriting. However, electro-pop artist Ciele contributes her unique style through her work as a producer, lyricist and featured vocalist on the track. Both artists are well-suited to working together, in part due to their shared experiences and values.

In their artist statement, Maryze and Ciele call their new single “a battle cry for survivors of assault and harassment.” Specifically, the musicians aim to address the mistreatment of women, female-identifying and non-binary artists in the music industry, a problem close to both of their hearts.

The two artists met while studying at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. They decided to collaborate on ‘Men Like You’ after discovering their similar experiences with male musicians and producers. After sharing their personal stories, they say, “We felt less alone, and finally seen, which is a feeling that we hope to share through this song.”

Addressing a Widespread Issue

‘Men Like You’ comes at an important time for survivors of sexual assault, as the #MeToo movement and other public awareness campaigns draw heightened public attention to assault and harassment in the workplace. Sexual violence remains widespread, even as more victims are shedding light on the issue. Coming forward to report sexual assault has become more common, but it is still fraught with difficulty.

Maryze and Ciele acknowledge the struggle survivors face when deciding whether or not to come forward. Retaliation remains a risk for survivors reporting mistreatment. The artists are familiar with the physical, emotional and professional risk speaking out sometimes brings. Despite the risks, their song addresses the issue head-on by expressing solidarity with survivors.

As a song, ‘Men Like You’ blends Maryze and Ciele’s styles into a vulnerable yet powerful electro-RnB anthem. As a message, the song has the power to impact change — something that is sorely needed in the music industry, which has been slow to address incidents of sexual abuse and harassment. Maryze and Ciele hope their song will help progress the conversation surrounding sexual assault in the industry and reveal the systemic injustices survivors face.

“‘Men Like You’ is our effort in raising awareness around this widespread issue,” the artists say. “By standing together, with and for survivors of sexual assault, we believe our stories can no longer be ignored.”

Giving a Voice to Survivors

The issue of sexual assault becomes more difficult to ignore the more people feel comfortable sharing their experiences as survivors, which is why Maryze and Ciele’s song speaks so closely to the current cultural moment.

Above all, Maryze and Ciele’s new single breaks the silence surrounding sexual assault in the music industry and encourages others to do the same. ‘Men Like You’ gives voice to those who may not yet be able to come forward safely and lends support to those who need encouragement and strength.

As more artists and individuals speak out, the powers that perpetuate sexual assault and discrimination in the workplace will eventually be forced to change. ‘Men Like You’ appeals for this change through emotion, vulnerability and strong intent. The song aims to show solidarity with survivors and set a powerful example for artists and individuals in the music industry and around the world.

Audiences can expect the release of ‘Men Like You’ on November 9th, when the single will be available on all streaming platforms. The artists invite listeners to engage in the conversation and speak out against sexual assault when the song launches.


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