20 Jan 2010

8 Hour Happy Hour Tonight at Madrone

…never thought to actually do the math on which is the longest. Tonight, however, Madrone is extending their already cheap specials to a solid 8-hour shift at the bar, so…

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03 Feb 2010

FREE Standup Comedy at Madrone

…Smokers to the right, please. Yeah, I know I talk a lot about Madrone, but that’s because it’s my go-to neighborhood bar and they always keep it fresh with…

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03 Mar 2010

Divisadero Art Walk Thursday Night — Cheap Food, Booze and FREE Art!

…a cab at Bar821, Madrone or The Page, all of which will be offering killer specials. This is also a perfect opportunity to check out Candybar, the self-proclaimed “dessert lounge.”…

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