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22 Sep 2010

FREE Creme Brulee and Recess at Zipcar HQ Today

Zipcar member? Work downtown? (Or at least willing to head to 2nd and Mission for FREE creme brulee?) Then your lunchtime plans have been made for you today, because from Noon – 2pm Zipcar will be skipping out of work for an extended lunch break including an appearance by the

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16 Sep 2010

See Grand Lake and Other Local Up-And-Comers on the Cheap Tonight at Milk

I remember way back when going to hang out at Milk on Haight meant listening to rap DJ’s and getting accosted for dollar menu money by the loiterers in front of McDonald’s, but my how things have changed. The dollar menu at Mickey D’s is gone and our friends over

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15 Sep 2010

Homemade Bad Movie Night Tonight at Argus Lounge

Remember that time you got your hands on a camcorder when you were a kid (or teenager, or college student, or full grown adult) and you suddenly knew, that this thing you held in your hands would be your key to becoming a rich and famous director like Martin Scorsese

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09 Sep 2010

Celebrate a Decade of Art with the Fecal Face After Party Tomorrow Night

If there’s one thing being broke in San Francisco teaches you, it’s that art parties aren’t just for hoity-toity, chardonnay-sipping museum donors. Gallery shows and openings are usually small-scale deals, but I can’t remember the last time I went to one and didn’t end up polishing off a couple free

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08 Sep 2010

Learning Opportunity: FREE Films on Architecture for Arch and the City

If none of the no-cover-charge music events in the city this week tickle your fancy, maybe you ought to take a moment to appreciate the city itself with one of the Architecture & the City events put on by the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architecture. Tonight’s

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02 Sep 2010

Support DIY Publishing at SF Zine Fest This Weekend

Hey, would you look at that? Print media’s not dead, it’s just gone small-scale. If things like Indie Mart and Etsy can renew the public’s interest in lovingly-crafted stuffed animals and recycled jewelry, why can’t someone do the same for all those things we’d rather read on paper than on

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01 Sep 2010

Game Night Blows Up, Tomorrow Night At California Academy of Sciences

We love Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences. Not only are the tickets half the price of regular museum admission (only $12!), but it’s 21+ so there are never any snot-nosed kids kicking the back of your chair in the planetarium (which boasts the most accurate rendering of the

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