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08 Feb 2011

Valentine’s Day at Café Du Nord (And Other Cheap Dates)

I’ve never been scolded for shameless self-promotion on this site so I’m assuming it’s kosher. Thus, I am now going to encourage you to attend my album release show at Café Du Nord on Valentine’s Day (that’s February 14th, for those of you who pretend not to know the date).

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03 Feb 2011

Young Farmers Mixer and Photo Exhibition @ 18 Reasons

Who doesn’t love farmers? I’d like to be one some day. I grew up on a Macadamia nut farm on Kauai. Or what was supposed to be a Macadamia nut farm. You see, Mac nuts trees take seven years to mature. But on year eight was hurricane Iniki, which wiped

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20 Jan 2011

Broke-Ass Band Interview: Sonya Cotton

We often interview people who consider themselves broke. We also interview a lot of bands. This is because most bands are broke. Today’s Broke-Ass Band Interview is with SF-based folk musician Sonya Cotton, who is fabulous and will be playing at the Rickshaw Stop on Tuesday, January 25th. She also

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11 Jan 2011

Good Food Awards Marketplace

Good Food Month kicks off this Saturday with a special marketplace featuring finalists from the Good Food Awards. From January 14’“February 20th, the Bay Area will celebrate “the myriad food crafters creating tasty, authentic and responsible food, and the agricultural communities they are tied to.” Saturday’s marketplace will take place

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04 Jan 2011

No Pants Bart Ride 2011

This Saturday, January 9, 2011 marks the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride in New York. If you remember, our very own Spendthrift Scribe posted the event last year. Well, now San Franciscans can join in the fun, and based on how many inexpicably pantsless people I’ve seen in SF,

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28 Dec 2010

Movie Madness All Week Long

I can never get over how expensive it is to see a movie. This week there are a bunch of special movie events that are either cheaper or more special than your average flick. Mostly because they are all beloved films that happen to scare the bejeezus out of me.

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14 Dec 2010

This Week’s Music Picks: FREE and Affordable!

I was standing in line today behind two old ladies. I mean, really old ladies. I mean, so many wrinkles you can barely see their eyes old. And one of them said in her thick New York accent: ‘œI went to see Burlesque and that Christina Agoraphobia is such a

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