21 Dec 2023

Athletic Adventures: Explore the Bay Area’s Top Sports for Kids

Sports provide children an opportunity to stay physically active and productive while having fun. As a parent, you definitely want to do everything you can to encourage your children to participate in sports activities, in addition to supporting their academics. But did you know that the Bay Area is a vibrant hub offering a plethora of opportunities for kids to engage in sports and active pursuits. From scenic parks to state-of-the-art facilities, the region provides an ideal backdrop for fostering a love of sports in children. In this exploration of athletic adventures, we’ll delve into the top sports for kids in the Bay Area that will teach important skills for a specific activity while emphasizing sociability, collaboration, and sportsmanship!

24 Mar 2020

Men Named Richard Who Really Shouldn’t Go By Dick

There’s only one name more phallic than Peter, and that name is Dick.  With the news that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are postponing, the name Dick Pound has been trending on Twitter. He’s a member of the International Olympic Committee and former swimming champion who’s long been an anti-doping advocate

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16 Sep 2019

Trump is Visiting the Bay Area Tomorrow. Are You Protesting?

On a previous visit Donald Trump made to the Bay Area, he was reduced to hopping a wall to scramble across Highway 101 in Burlingame, all to evade some protesters outside a hotel. He and his retinue weren’t playing real-life Frogger; those same protesters had blocked the freeway. But the

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25 Jul 2019

SF Streets in the 1960’s

There’s no real theme here, it’s just photos from the 1960’s taken in San Francisco.  We found them on a random blog that had no author, gave no photo credits or explanations.  So if you know who took any of these photos drop us a line in the comments. Here

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17 Jun 2019

Even Vallejo is Feeling the Ravages of Gentrification

Guest post by Abraham Woodliff found of Bay Area Memes When the word ‘gentrification’ comes up in conversation, what cities first come to mind? San Francisco? Well, yeah. Modern-day San Francisco might as well be considered a living monument to the ills of gentrification and housing-policy gridlock. What about Oakland?

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16 Nov 2018

How Tech Companies are Responding to California Fires

Our new Tech Column was made possible by the fine folks at Mozilla Firefox.  The nonprofit Mozilla Foundation believes the Internet must always remain a global public resource that is open and accessible to all.  And that’s why we love Firefox. Guest post by Violet Blue As many know, some

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06 Feb 2018

A Love Letter to SF from 381.9 Miles Away

By Jillian Robertson Ironically, the first freeway exit upon arriving in what I consider Los Angeles-proper is “SF Mission.” Seems kinda cruel since I just moved from beautiful San Francisco to traffic-snarled Los Angeles. In this case though, SF stands for San Fernando Valley. That doesn’t stop me from reminiscing

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