24th Street

09 Apr 2013

24th Street Series: Pig and Pie

Pig & Pie Last week I wrote up La Palma as being a paragon of a Mission District 24th Street that is fast being drowned out by higher-end cafes and eateries that cater not to the longtime residents, but to the recent influx of wealthy tech boomers.  This week, I figured I’d

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05 Apr 2013

24th Street Series: La Palma Mexicatessen

            La Palma Mexicatessen   There isn’t a neighborhood of any city in our union that is completely static, no urban zone where the prevailing skin tone will forever be reminiscent of elephant tusk, obsidian, or mole poblano, or where every household will be able

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12 Jul 2011

Pay Your Respects to Casa Sànchez This Week

San Francisco has been the birthplace of many an iconic brand over the years, from Levi’s to Rice-a-Roni to the It’s-It. Among this pantheon of venerable marketing greats you will surely find a smiling lad astride an aerodynamic elote that goes by the name of Jimmy the Cornman. For some of you out

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12 Dec 2010

Taqueria Vallarta: Home of the $1.50 Taco and DIY Toppings

I’m obsessed with tacos and burritos.  I mean, it’s kind of hard not to be if you like Mexican food and live in San Francisco, where the Mission grants access to so many different options and a taqueria on every corner.  Part of the fun of all these options is

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05 Apr 2010

Breakfast Mas Barato at La Victoria

When I was a little mocoso, one of the best things ever was going over to my paternal grandparent’s, walking into my grandmother’s kitchen and raiding the giant paper bag from the panaderia accompanied by a glass of whole milk while she cooked me some sopa de fideos.  Needless to

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11 Mar 2010

A View of What the Mission was like in 1980

When you’ve grown up somewhere, there eventually comes the time when you’re walking down the street and realize: that you have walked up and down that street so many times, hung out on it with your friends, passed through it on the way to a party –  and it’s not

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