26 Jul 2017

Emergency Protest in San Francisco Against Trump’s Trans Ban

As you probably heard, the Molester in Chief tweeted today that he won’t be allowing transgender people in the military from now on. This is some serious fuckery considering that the bravest people I know are transgender. While it wouldn’t surprise me if he and his nefarious gang of thieves

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18 Jul 2017

Are Tasers Non-Lethal Weapons? Hundreds of Deaths Say Otherwise.

This originally appeared in Street Sheet Grassroots movements of people organized under the banner of Black Lives Matter have put law enforcement under a whole new level of scrutiny. The public outcries and unrest of the communities of Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles have unleashed a new

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17 Jun 2017

Justice for Philando Castile Rally in Oakland Tonight

Was just made aware of this by William Fitzgerald. Philando Castile was the man shot and killed in his car, for absolutely nothing, while his wife live-streamed it on Facebook. his four year old daughter was also in the car. The officer was just acquitted of his murder. Our justice

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