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26 Sep 2019

E-Cig Exec Claims Only Side-Effect of ‘Vaping’ is looking like a ‘Douche bag’

E-cigarette Executive M. Burns told the press Wednesday, “This recent outbreak of lung injury is not caused by E-Cigarette products,” he said, “we did extensive testing, and the only measurable side effect of using ‘vapes’, was a significant increase in douche levels in the individual.” In fact, dangerous levels of

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15 Aug 2019

Mexico Announces Plan to Build Wall to Keep Chad Out of Cancun

Mexico made a surprising move on Monday morning when announced that it plans to build a border wall in order to keep Chad out of Cancun. In an interview with BAS, spokesperson for the Cancun tourism board, Felipe Calderon, said, “We’re sick of Chad and his friends coming to our country,

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