Chris Cosentino

09 Feb 2018

Doc’s Lab Has Permanently Closed Down

It is with heavy heart that I announce yet another closure in San Francisco’s cultural landscape. I just heard the news that Doc’s Lab has permanently closed down. While I have yet to see an official announcement, there are no shows on it’s calendar. That is pretty good indicator that

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14 May 2013

Win Tix to Eating Nose-to-Tail: The Whole Animal Movement at the Commonwealth Club

Art by  Alyson Thomas © 2011 – 2013 . Available through my site San Franciscans are obsessed with food. They do shit like instagram the fuck out of their meals as form of bragging to their friends. The truth is, we’re lucky. Just by default of living in the Bay

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14 Jun 2010

Meat to Go – Boccalone's Famous Salumi Cone

My fondness for pork is pretty common knowledge amongst anyone who knows me. That said, I really have to admire Chris Cosentino and Mark Pastore’s mission to make porcine delights (‘œtasty, salted pig parts’ to be exact) more accessible to the people. Which is why, if you happen to be

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