25 Feb 2014

Finally! A How-To for Expressing Sarcasm on Gchat.

If you are like me, you spend an embarrassing amount of time on Gchat, the messenger embedded within Google’s widely popular email application called “Gmail”. Perhaps you’re familiar? At any given moment I’m knee-deep in conversations with at least five different people, discussing all things mundane, hilarious, grave and deep.

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03 Oct 2010

More Cheap All-You-Can-Eat Pizza at The Lookout on Tuesday Nights

I’ll start out with a hypothetical:  It’s a Tuesday afternoon, you’ve been working like a dog all day (or, like me, woke up at 3pm because you work from home and set your own hours) and you’re STARVING.  So starving you stoop to using a cliche over Gchat and tell

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30 Jun 2010

White Trash Heaven: Blingo and Frito Pie at Butter Tonight

I’m always looking for different things to do on weeknights other than, say, go straight home after work, have a glass of wine (or a bottle, depending on how much of a penis wrinkle my boss was being that day), order Big Lantern and fall asleep to reruns of The

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09 May 2010

Gchat Status Icons — Deconstructed!

Anyone who’s anyone has a Gmail address nowadays, and why the F not — it’s FREE and enables a crazy distracting feature called Gchat. Sure, it’s not a new idea. After all, I still have my AIM screen name, SMP1155, from seventh grade. But because the chat windows pop up

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