17 Dec 2009

VIP Movie Screening with FREE Food and Drinks

The fine people at the San Francisco Bay Guardian have asked me to extend and invite to my dear readers (that means you dummy) for this excellent sounding event tonight. 20th Century Boys is a stirring action film based on the smash hit manga comic by Naoki Urasawa.  I don’t

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29 Oct 2009

Spectral Ambassadors Grant a FREE Audience – Yokai University SF Campus in J-Town

Hallowe’en may not be part of Japan’s culture, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a good story about ghosties any less than the rest of us.  In Japan, they’re known as yokai and come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes. It would seem they decided to impart

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09 Apr 2009

$2.50 Hand Roll on the Run in J-town

Eating in a food court can be depressing, but May’s Coffee Shop in the Japan Center Kintetsu Mall is not your usual food court fare.  Of course, although, it is a concrete monolith, the Japan Center is not your typical mall.   Situated in the center section of the complex,

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