Kelly O’Grady

23 Aug 2018

Hilarious Dive Bar Illustrations

By Kelly O’Grady A wise person once said “Write what you know” well, I know dive-bars. I’ve spent many afternoons in a bar doodling and listening to people. These are those comics of the various conversations I’ve overheard. the first comic I drew about bars. what is the drinking age

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26 Jul 2018

The Most Annoying Barista in the World

 By Kelly O’Grady  

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05 Jun 2018

Tips For a Goth Night Out At Death Guild in SF

OFF MENU IS SPONSORED BY BENDER’S BECAUSE THEY ARE BADASS. DROP BY AND MAKE SOME BAD DECISIONS WITH SOME GOOD PEOPLE! By Kelly O’Grady Do you like spinning invisible orbs? Are you repelled by the light of day? Do you refer to anyone that doesn’t wear black 24/7 as a “Normo”?  Do you

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03 Jan 2018

“Hey Fatboy” I was Body Shamed on the Bus

By Kelly O’Grady  It was like any other day, my friend Jacob and I were day drunk on cheap scotch and on our way to go theatre hopping at the multiplex; we were having a grand ol’ time talking about Star Trek and shit like that.   Suddenly the drone

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22 Dec 2017

I was an Elf at the Mall During Christmas. My Story is Insane.

By Kelly O’Grady Ten years ago I was twenty and still living with my parents, it was late November and I needed to find a seasonal job or my parents would make me move into the woodshed in the backyard, that was not an option because there were lots of

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05 Dec 2017

I Investigated The Bay Area Pog Fighting Underground

By Kelly O’Grady It was midnight and I was being patted down for weapons outside a nondescript warehouse in Hayward. I was about to enter the gritty underworld of the Bay Area Pog fight scene. Once inside I saw a circle drawn in chalk at the center of the floor

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16 Nov 2017

I Was Groped On Muni (Again)

By Kelly O’Grady There I was, like any other day riding public transportation, I was on my way to the comic book store and I was really in a great mood; As I read my fantasy novel a dark shadow fell on me, “Can I sit next to you” asked

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