09 Sep 2019

It’s Time for Men in the Hospitality Industry to Treat Women Better

Anyone who currently works in, or has previously worked in, the hospitality industry would admit its strongest pull is the environment. There is a duality of childishness and maturity where we weave between food and drink knowledge, levels of service, and also cracking silly jokes or exchanging laughs and banter

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09 Apr 2019

Can I Be A Feminist and Still Support Joe Biden?

By Rachel Fogletto When I first saw the images of Joe Biden suggestively hugging and touching the shoulders of women my thoughts were conflicted. Is this real? It could be. Where is it going? Why have I never seen this before? Am I wrong? I knew enough about the internet

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08 Jan 2019

An Open Letter To Louis C.K.

By Rachel Fogletto I’m not here to talk about you jerking off in front women without their consent because I know you’re probably tired of hearing about it, and actually, I am too. I’m also not here to talk about you returning to the stage less than a year after

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16 Oct 2018

After Kavanaugh, Only Women Can Save Us Now

By Trish Nelson It’s official. On October 6th, we placed a shotgun beer drinking guy named “Brett” onto the Supreme Court to serve as an impartial judiciary advisor for The United States of America until presumably, around the year 2050. As we’ve come to understand, Brett is the perfect flesh

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28 Sep 2018

This fight is much bigger than Brett Kavanaugh

The Senate Judiciary Committee will cast the first of three votes Friday, each will position Brett Kavanaugh closer or further away from a seat on the Supreme Court. The Friday morning Senate session was met with just as much contention as was present at the end of Thursday’s hearing. The

19 Jun 2018

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Dismantles Worker’s Rights in Favor of Corporations

By Kate Haverston Not every human being does the same type of work to get by. But don’t let that distract you from an uncomplicated truth: Workers’ rights are human rights. In the interest of promoting workers’ rights as human rights, let’s talk in detail about what a recent U.S.

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24 May 2018

Secret Candlelight Storytelling in a Brooklyn Cemetery

On Tuesday, May 29th , under the first full moon, various female writers, actors, performers and musicians will gather together by candlelight at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn to share personal stories of failure and triumph, of injustice and absolution all written under the theme ‘So…That Happened’. Inspiration strikes in

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