05 Sep 2019

Food Delivery Robot Fired for Racist Tweets

The food delivery robot who came under fire for tweeting racist comments about Chinese robots has been let go. “Zippy is no longer an employee at our company,” said a statement from the food delivery service. “We apologize for the disrespectful and unacceptable tweets that were sent by one of

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 0
27 Nov 2018

Only Idiots Think ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ is Racist

You may have seen the ‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Criticized as Racist’ article, circulating on social media over the holidays.  Then again, if you don’t follow conservative news channels or sites that specialize in ‘what’s trending’, you may have missed this bit of idiotic, and dishonest, clickbait. In an expertly crafted (albeit

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27 Mar 2018

Why You Haven’t Seen GIFS on Instagram Stories and Snapchat

Instagram Stories and Snapchat posts are entertaining vignettes into the lives of people you think you know and others who live far away. When you click to watch, you’re transported somewhere else and get to share in the moment or a snicker. The fun skyrockets with added stickers and GIFs.