Rogue Wave

20 Dec 2011

Zach Rogue Lights the Chanukah Candles Tonight @ Tikva Records

Only one week left for the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation’s pop-up Jewish record store, Tikva Records, in the Mission (3191 Mission St.). Read all about it in Aidin Vaziri’s Chronicle article). Music? Jews? You know how much I like both of those things. So the first ever Jewish pop-up

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04 Nov 2010

Last Chance to Get FREE Tickets to See Rogue Wave Tonight

Rogue Wave loves you, that’s obvious because tonight’s show at Great American Music Hall is the second FREE show they’ve played in the Bay Area in the past 3 months. There’s a slight catch to this one though – you’ll have to drop by Philz Coffee on 24th St in

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21 Aug 2010

More FREE Weekend Music — Rogue Wave and They Might Be Giants at Stern Grove

I remember seeing Rogue Wave as a college freshman in my school’s tiny multipurpose room, the then four members barely fitting on the makeshift “stage” and me wondering the whole time if any of them would consider banging a just-turned-legal fan.  Back then, Out of the Shadow was the album

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