25 Aug 2015

Join the Strange Kids Club!

Are you an 80’s baby with a nostalgic lust for action and adventure? Do love of B-movies? Do you still hold dear you Randy Savage action figure and Garbage Pail cards? Well….sounds like you are the perfect candidate for membership in the Strange Kids Club. I got ahold of mastermind and Editor-in-Chief Ronald

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20 Aug 2015

Indie Singer Chris Riffle Charms Brooklyn Tonight

The LES’ own Chris Riffle brings his genuine and poignant sounds to Brooklyn tonight. Riffle is most worthy of a listen. Although a native of the west coast he is able to combine both indie sensibilities into a most inviting tune. Image via Chris Riffle Riffle has gained praise from

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20 Jun 2015


Rad Upcoming NY Events eighth blackbird with Special Guest Will Oldham / Bill Frisell & Sam Amidon THU. 06/18 | 7:30PM @ PROSPECT PARK BANDSHELL  EIGHTH BLACKBIRD is an impeccable sextet that team up with revered singer-songwriter WILL OLDHAM. This set will include Frederic Rzewski’s powerful spoken word piece “Coming

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I'm Running For Mayor of SF and I Need Your Help!

Over the past few years I’ve watched as San Francisco has been pulled out from under us and sold to the highest bidder. And I’m fed up and heartbroken. San Francisco is for everyone, not just the wealthy elite, and this is why I’ve decided to run for mayor....

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
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29 Apr 2015

This Week’s Top 8 Events – New York

Although we’re sure you already plan out your entire social life around our stellar calendar of events, we like to highlight our favorites each week. Take a gander below but make sure to check our SF & NY calendars often since they are always being updated. Got an event to submit to the calendar? Send it to events@brokeassstuart.com. Rad

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24 Apr 2015

Shave like a man: a broke-ass man

When did shaving get so complicated? Three blades, four blades, five blades. Moisturizer strips. Batteries. Paying an arm and a leg. Our current troubles started in 1971 when Gillette introduced the Trac II — a razor with two blades — and began an arms race. The shaving behemoths became so

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22 Sep 2014

Why Everyone is Freaking Out About Facebook Messenger

In 2014, using Facebook is about as exciting as your flossing routine: idle, half-assed, and embedded in life’s daily humdrum. On your increasingly predictable feed, even that one insane girl you went to second grade with has ceased to be entertaining. Where there were once titillating overshares, there are now

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iPhone 6
12 Sep 2014

Apple Stops ‘Thinking Different’ and Starts ‘Thinking Bigger’ with iPhone 6

“Bigger than bigger” is Apple’s new iPhone 6 slogan. One can almost hear a bro-programmer saying “That’s like…BIGGER SQUARED!  BIGGER to the fourth power…BRO!” But when calmer heads prevail we see a play on words, ie “bigger” in terms of literal size “my Hummer is bigger than your Prius” and then there’s conceptually “bigger”

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