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The Cosplay and Other Mistakes Made at Shoreline ID10T FEST

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When I attend festivals I make a long list of things I must not forget in order to maximize the amount of responsible fun I can have. My list generally includes sunblock, empty water bottle, and a Hawaiian shirt.

However, nothing could prepare me for ID10T Fest. The number of nerdy things I should have brought were numerous and require a list here on Broke-Ass Stuart. For example, I arrived at the festival only to be reminded that I had 0 cosplay props worth checking. I could have at least brought a long sword, or maybe Thor’s hammer.

This was ID10T Fest, next year I will do better. To help ensure that, I made this festival list of things not to forget.

To start, the parking lot at Shoreline Amphitheater is among the worst. No, it is the worst. Instead of dealing with that wretched parade of dust-covered vehicles at 11 PM, I parked at the corner of Shoreline Blvd and 101. I forgot to bring a bike for the long commute from the freeway to the festival. However, I must thank Google for leaving a bike on the sidewalk for me to borrow. It was PERFECT!

Ok, 10 questions for you. What’s with all the hype behind fidget spinners? How did this fad go from nothing to something? When did every gas station between San Francisco and LA suddenly have fidget spinners for sale? How did every attendee of the festival know to bring them … except me?

Nobody told me that full spandex outfits look so cool. Talk about lifting, separating and defining. I think my love handles would look epic in spandex, really tight spandex. I also discovered that wearing spandex also works on the ladies. I would be like, “hey!” and she wouldn’t be able to resist.


Is it ok if at ID10T Festival 2018 I’m not quite ready to commit to wearing scary blue spandex man with messed up face outfit? Perhaps, I could just go as Batman’s juvenile sidekick Robin? I feel like I need a starting point.


Ok, I changed my mind, I don’t want to wear spandex next year. When I looked at the rest of my photos I realized I want to dress up as a banana and be really good at break dancing and have really good seats in the 100 section.


Ok, this is taking a while. I was going to list all of my mistakes individually with photos, but I realized I made so many mistakes that I really need to speed up. Now in no particular order, I forgot to wear my onesie outfit, dress up as Kraft Punk or the shadow, or bring my hula hoop. I guess there’s always next year!


The last thing that was forgotten was not my fault. Have you seen OK GO videos? GO WATCH ONE REAL QUICK. They are elaborate, most have confetti, paint, 0 gravity, and treadmills. I didn’t want to call them out the second I realized there stage was empty and their visual were boring. I waited 40 minutes then yelled it from the 200 section. “WHERE ARE YOUR TREADMILLS?” They didn’t hear me, but seriously … I went to Sears and they aren’t that expensive. NEXT TIME I WANT TREADMILLS.


Is it ok if I brag now? I did do one thing right, I wore my Hawaiin shirt, as I do, and I found my people. Thank you @ChubbyFlack0 (I think he lied about his Instagram, or was drunk) for suggesting this selfie. We look great, I guess I did some parts of ID10T Festival ok.

See you all next year at ID10T Festival, I will decide in June if I’m wearing spandex or a Hawaiian shirt.

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