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Despacito is the Reggaeton-Pop track you need for summer.

Updated: Aug 02, 2017 00:16
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Pendejos are swarming La Perla all because of Despacito.

Who knew that Puerto Rican duo Luis Fonsi and reggaeton veteran Daddy Yankee’s hit single – and summer anthem – Despacito (translates to slowly) would turn into some kind of cultural phenom. I guess it didn’t help that the Biebs did a remix of the song in April 2017, his first attempt at singing in Spanish. I blame him. And Instagram. The video was recorded down in La Perla, a neighborhood that sits below the sea wall of Old San Juan. The neighborhood has retained its mysticism by adopting a bad reputation of housing drug dealers, gangs and crime. But, the video is calling brazen (or ignorant) world travelers to its narrow passageways in order for them to get that Instagram shot.

Instagram shot on the rocks. Instagram shot against the colorful walls. Instagram shot of them trying to sway their hips like Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Puerto Rico Universe, who is the love interest in the video.

The video ends in a certain bar that is around the corner from my family’s apartment. I’m not saying which bar it is because, fuck you.

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