Glide Legacy Gala is the most San Francisco of all Galas

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San Francisco was at its finest on August 5th at the Eighth Annual GLIDE Legacy Gala! It may have moved locations to the San Francisco Design Center, but the spirit and legacy did not change! It reigned true as being one of the most glamorous, yet non-pretentious, fun-filled San Francisco events of the year!

DJ KingMost

The Gala was filled with philanthropists, community leaders, and a new generation of Bay Area change-makers. It doesn’t hurt that the diverse crowd was looking their best, getting down in their bow ties and gowns to the incredible Glide Ensemble, and the amazing musical mixes from the DJ!

Not only is it one of the hottest events of the year, the event was all done in the GLIDE tradition of love, leadership and community. Funds raised from the 1,000+ attendees help the GLIDE Foundation continue to provide innovative and comprehensive services to the poor and marginalized in San Francisco.

Attendees gather around Reverend Cecil Williams in the middle

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 The evening honored three luminaries for their social impact in the Bay and beyond! This year, the Janice Mirikitani Award, which went to Shiza Shahid, co-founder of the Malala Fund and Founding GP NOW Ventures; the Reverend Cecil Williams Award went to Shaka Senghor, prison reform activist and New York Times bestselling author; and the Community Hero Award went to Greg Kloehn, artist and tiny-house builder for formerly homeless people.

Janice Mirikitani, Shaka Senghor, Shiza Shahid, Reverend Cecil Williams, Greg Kloehn

If you don’t know,, is a radically inclusive community located in the “Tenderist” parts of the Tenderloin,  mobilized to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization. They provide free meals, HIV/Hep C testing and counseling, housing assistance, domestic violence counseling and abatement, substance use recovery, licensed childcare, after-school and summer programs for youth, a resource center for families, free legal services, and access to free primary and behavioral health care.

Del Seymour the “Mayor of the Tenderloin” and Reverend Theon Johnson III

“It is heartwarming to see these young philanthropists giving back to their community and helping those that have been marginalized by society,” said GLIDE’s Co-Founder and Minister of Liberation, Reverend Cecil Williams. 

Choir Director, Vernon Bush, leading the Glide Ensemble

If you were unable to attend this Gala this time, you can always share in the spirit year round for Sunday Services (all races, genders, religions, socio-economic statuses invited) or volunteer at many of the year round programs. For more information follow Glide on social media.

Twitter: @GLIDEsf

Instagram: @GLIDEsf


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Alexandra Liss - Couchsurfer Extraordinaire

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